After perusing social media these past years, there seems to be a plethora of girls putting themselves out there and really expressing their beauty as a way of “self-advertising” if you will. They generally promote their make-up talent, fitness knowledge, culinary skills, fashion sense etc… There are millions of beautiful people that have jumped on this bandwagon, but from what I can see I think it has caused just as much bad as it did good. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for powerful confident, strong, beautiful women but I can sense the “celebrity effect.” Before the explosion of Instagram, the  general population would wait in line at the grocery store glancing at the tabloids with envy at all the gorgeous celebrities,  fully accepting you can never look like them (because they are obviously demigods descended from Olympia). But now  because of social media it seems as if everyone and their mother is a supermodel with perfect skin, hair and bodies which  was once only possessed by the rich and famous. I am victim to this envy, much like most women admiring all the things  we don’t have. I see this taking a huge hit to self-esteem and confidence levels especially for our younger generation which has been flooded with a false perception of the way they are supposed to look…

I don’t want to yap about this for ages but moral of this story is that I find girls and women are feeling inadequate. As if the beauty of others changes the beauty they themselves have. We live in a vain society where nothing is ever enough but I just wanted to stress something that took me years to understand and accept… you are perfect, you are beautiful, you are loved and you should love yourself. I went through years of self-hate and thinking I was insignificant, ugly and nothing special. I know that there are people who are naturally beautiful straight out the womb, birds singing around their every step. HOWEVER for the rest of us humans, it takes a little more work to feel confident in our own skin. Growing up I was a HUGE nerd, very school oriented, very poor, super shy( friends), frizzy hair, acne, braces, glasses…everything you need to repel popularity (and the opposite sex). It took a long time to grow out of my awkward phase that most people have, but I eventually found my niche and blossomed as a women. I started feeling more confident, walked upright, head help up and eventually grew to love who I had become. My love for school permitted me to advance in obtaining the highest academic degree you can receive, my lack of money made me a hard worker, my shyness turned into modesty, and my frizzy hair/acne turned into a love and passion for all things beauty. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that all of that awkwardness made me who I am today. People think I’m beautiful just as much as people think I’m ugly, too skinny or not blonde enough lol. The important thing is that I think I’m beautiful and when you can truly believe that… other people will believe it too.

Never forget you are perfect, you are beautiful, and you are loved…by me :)