You’re mostly happy with your body, go to the gym on a regular basis and eat decently healthy.

Yet with all of that, you ask yourself, can I take this further?

I pose this question to myself often. It is this quest that lead me to competing in various sports such as Tae Kwon Do, Gymnastics and Yoga.

One day, while training at the local gym, I saw a beautiful fit woman.

This person was not your everyday typical beauty. No, she was lean and sleek with well-formed yet graceful muscles.
I got up the nerve to speak with her and she took the time to explain to me her passion for Figure Bodybuilding, which lead her to sculpting her body.

This sparked a challenge inside myself to see what I could accomplish with my own physique.

Jason Huh immediately helped guide this drive into a productive use of my focus, in order to gain the results needed to compete in the Figure world.

After 14 weeks of dedicated training and dieting, in 2009 at the age of 30, I not only won my division, but I also won overall in my first Bodybuilding Figure Competition.

Jason’s dedication and passion for this sport is a continual inspiration to me in my everyday training.

Magdalena J. de Poel-Picardi – NPC Competitor