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ThisåÊpendant is about symbolism. åÊThe MURDERIT lifestyle is strong and convicted, which a fist symbolizes. åÊThe pendant is a tribute to ones determination and iron fist-will for the betterment of ones self and others. åÊStand and fight for your beliefs or you will kneel to the beliefs of others. åÊWhen going through life do not settle for anything less then amazing, strive for the seemingly impossible and at the same time the betterment of ones self and the ones around you. Attack each day pre-meditated and with intent, MURDERIT..




This is a novelty item that is not intended for carry or use. Although it is incredibly strong (it is made of reinforced polymer) the idea behind it is to show what our idea of an ideal knuckle/fist would look like.

It is the buyers responsibility to know and abide by your local laws, regulations and ordinances governing the ownership of such an item in your country, province, state or county. We, as the seller, assume no risk. Must be at least 18 to purchase. This product is for novelty use only and is not intended to be used in a harmful manner. Improper use of this item could inflict harm to other human beings, animals or personal property. If you use this product for other than our stated purpose you will be held responsible and will hold us harmless from any liability. We make no warranty in regards to improper use of this product. Buyer confirms and agrees to all terms and conditions of this disclaimer upon purchase of item.

Not for sale in the UK or Canada